We are InBold

We’re a strategic, innovative and creative communications agency driven by one key belief:
Stories are better shared.

We find, create and reimagine stories for brands, making sure these stories resonate with the right audience, and deliver them precisely, anywhere they need to go, from the news article to the social media screen to the public square.

We create transformative brand stories, and we deliver them precisely. InBold.




We are your one stop brand
excitement shop

Brand messaging

From brand creation to key messaging and campaigns, we help brands engage with audiences consistently, creatively and effectively.

Public relations

We are experienced brand custodians, shaping narratives and helping brands communicate to audiences exactly as they intend.

Scandinavian specialists

With teams in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, we help brands from across the world connect to Nordic audiences and help Nordic brands connect to global audiences.

Digital & media

We are digital natives who deliver stories with the precision and scaled efficiency brands need in today’s extremely fast-moving information space.

Global production power

Our 24/7 global production team delivers efficient, scaled, on-time solutions for brands of all kinds across the world.

Influencer & events​

We specialise in creating unique influencer campaigns and events that capture and hold audience attention.

Our stories,
better shared.

It's time to experience
your brand told InBold

From brand strategy to individual campaigns and events, we’ll help your brand stories stand out and stay in the minds of the people you need to reach.

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