Eight influencers across the Nordics

The aim of the campaign was to position Ooni as the brand for pizza lovers across the Nordic region. Eight influencers from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland were each given a time of day, for which they had to create a pizza recipe. The communication between the influencers and their followers was both inspiring, present and engaging, and a variety of pizzas, including breakfast, dessert, snack and night cap pizzas, were created. As a result of the campaign, an eight-slice pizza wheel was created, inspiring consumers to bake pizza around the clock.  


Based on extensive interest and a sustainable collaboration with the influencers, 24 extra mentions on stories and 31 extra posts on Instagram were published. The campaign reached 864,955 people and generated 903,270 impressions. The influencer’s content resulted in a high engagement of 2.15 percent on posts and 4.55 percent on stories – significantly higher than the average engagement on the influencer profiles. 

Total accumulated reach:


Total impressions:



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