Bikable geared up for regional expansion with our complete brand renewal

Finding a unique identity in a crowded market

Northern Europe is one of the best places in the world for cycling. But for cycle companies, it’s a crowded market. This was the problem Denmark’s leading cycle e-commerce company, CykelGear, faced when expanding into neighboring countries. Cykelgear had the production, the people and the love for cycling but needed a new identity to stand out.

Let’s make Europe Bikable

At the beginning of the creative process, we conducted extensive competitor research and pedalled into discovering Cykelgear’s core mission, vision and values. Through our detailed brand profile and market analysis, we uncovered Cykelgear’s true point of difference: that Cykelgear equally serves every type of cyclist.

From our insight, we found the name: Bikable -a can-do brand that enables all cyclists. This inspired Bikable’s attitude with taglines that call you to join in: It’s Bikable, I’m Bikable, We’re Bikable.

With the name and tone set, we locked in on Bikable’s visual identity. We created a flexible logo, typography, and photographic style that encouraged cycling and showed all the possibilities of two wheels, from cycling the Alps to the simple work commute.

Next, we turned to the shared journey of Bikable customers: the website. Our creatives designed a clear, user-friendly and easy-to-use e-commerce site backed by a full suite of social media, newsletter and email styles that reflected Bikable’s personality, increasing the chance of repeat shoppers.

Before we launched Bikable, the final brand elements were designed. We created an entire product line, from tote bags to water bottles, along with an in-depth, customisable brand guideline that covered everything from color schemes to packaging. Bikable now had all the gear for success.

Northern Europe and beyond? It’s Bikable.

Key Results


dedicated to Bikable


for use across Bikable’s media channels


visual identity
for Bikable
& Cykelgear


name, logo, typography,
colors, & more


product line
of Bikable merchandise


website design
from site map to checkout flow

View our work with Bikable

Introduction video


Website design

Brand guideline

Digital banner



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