"The taste of Denmark”

Unlock the essence of the Danish spirit with Aalborg Akvavit – the ultimate choice of the nation. 

Our innovative communication strategy has not only elevated the brand’s market standing, but also driven sales growth through impactful PR and effective influencer marketing, captivating social media campaigning, and cutting-edge design.


Reach of more than


 Aalborg Akvavit epitomizes the rich cultural heritage of Denmark. Since 1849, Danes have relished the elixir, and it has seamlessly integrated into the traditional Danish lunch.


However, in recent years, Aalborg Akvavit has faced market challenges from increased competition and evolving Danish food and beverage preferences.


Fortunately, we triumphed over the challenges by crafting the concept, “The Taste of Denmark.”


Aalborg Akvavit transcends mere enjoyment of distinctive taste – it embodies the very essence of Denmark. By presenting Aalborg Akvavit as the quintessential Danish experience, we have begun the journey to reestablish its prominence in the market, reclaiming its position as the preferred choice of discerning consumers.


Through our innovative communication strategy, we have ignited a renewed passion for Aalborg Akvavit among Danes and beyond.

Embracing Excellence: Aalborg Akvavit Shines Through Locally Sourced Ingredients

The strategy was simple yet ambitious. Through relatable, and hyper-localized communication, our goal was to establish a presence in every corner of the country, penetrating Danish households. PR and Influencer Marketing were identified as pillars of our campaign.

We forged a communicative bridge between PR and meticulously chosen food influencers with deep local roots. This synergy enabled us to unleash the campaign, captivating readers, listeners, and followers alike by posing the thought-provoking question:


Residents of Bornholm, Fyn, Jutland, Zealand, Copenhagen, and various other regions united their efforts, describing their local produce and ‘taste’, ultimately driving the remarkable results we achieved via truly local recipes developed by Danes and their local influencers.

Total influencer reach: + 1.300.000 million

Influencers loved the campaign and gave an additional 182 pct. free content

28,8 pct. higher reach than predicted via external tool

The atmosphere was brimming with excitement, passion, and vitality. Aalborg Akvavit’s taste was savored to the fullest, skillfully paired with an array of new and delightful dishes.

“The Taste of Denmark” took on diverse meanings in each Danish region. These distinct interpretations, fueled by the input and enthusiasm of the population and followers, gave rise to equally diverse definitions of “The Taste of Denmark.” It was their collective knowledge and appreciation for local produce that sparked the buzz.

Here are just a few examples:

The West Jutland hotdog

A Bornholm herring salad à la “Sol over Gudhjem”

Luxurious potatoes from North Jutland

Truffles prepared in the style of Central Jutland

A sandwich featuring Funen’s smoked cheese salad.

The delectable “Københavnerstang” pastry

…And a plethora of other mouthwatering delights!

From local influencer content to national heartwarming press coverage

The influencers, followers, and interpretations of the ‘Taste of Denmark’ by the local community served as our foundation for generating both regional and local media coverage of Aalborg Akvavit. Both influencers and editors, along with readers and listeners, developed a taste for our national icon – Aalborg Akvavit.

More than 175 pieces of coverage - articles, radio, local tv

Key messages included in more than 95 pct. of coverage

We reached more than 40 pct. of the adult population

From digital to analogue

Recipes and delightful local produce were posted, shared, and covered, and in the end, the campaign culminated in nothing less than a limited-edition Aalborg Akvavit book. The book consists of recipes, Danish history, insights about regional and local produce as well as carefully selected recommendations of ways to enjoy Aalborg Akvavit.  

Social media reach: 11.000.000

Organic reach: 700.000

Paid social CPM: 38,31 kr.

From Macro til Micro

Snaps, the traditional Danish aquavit, is meant to be enjoyed alongside food. When you take a sip while dining, not only does the flavor of the aquavit intensify, but it also enhances the taste nuances of your meal.

Our mission was to instill this golden rule among the Danish people, and thus we crafted the simple mantra: ‘Eat, nip, enjoy.’

In collaboration with 30 micro-influencers representing various regions across the country, we generated attention and appreciation for snaps as a cherished drinking ritual.

The campaign resulted in 9 captivating Instagram posts and 31 engaging stories, collectively reaching 21,899 individuals with an impressive engagement of 1,437.

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