Jabra delivers global marketing with our 24/7, multi-lingual asset production

Jabra’s issue: Fast growing market demands

Jabra, a global elite audio and visual technology company, needed to hit the right note as it grew in the global market. To do so, Jabra had to find a trusted marketing production partner that could handle increased market demands whilst consistently achieving high-quality results.

Our solution: Efficient global workflows

In 2019, we began our marketing partnership with Jabra, and laid strong foundations by creating clear communication channels and transparent work processes. Jabra could now easily monitor progress on numerous marketing projects, and effectively collaborate with our teams before final submission. As a result, margin for error in production was greatly reduced, leading to significant efficiency gains.

With Jabra continuing to grow and our results exceeding expectations, we began helping across a wider range of marketing assets. Adding animation; banners; videos; 3D designs; and more, we increased the consistency of Jabra’s branding across multiple channels, especially social media. By the end of 2021, we were helping Jabra with over a hundred annual projects, across multiple offices in 10 different languages.

Our marketing production has been music to Jabra’s ears: We’ve become their trusted marketing partner, proudly helping them achieve production excellence on a global scale.

Key Results


since 2019


translating documents
for multiple countries


with three key Jabra
offices: USA, Germany
and Denmark


completed in the
first half of 2022


projects in 2021


projects in 2020

View our work with Jabra

Mobile Advertising


HTML5 Banner


Still Banners


Image Retouching

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