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SPISBAR’ is an INNOVATION PROJECT. Its purpose is to raise attention to and to help create new solutions in the name of REDUCING FOOD WASTE and FOOD LOSS.

SPISBAR’ is an initiative raised by the think thank called ONE/THIRDa gathering about preventing food waste and food loss c/o Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries.

The first Danish Food Waste-contest across existing value chains -



One strategy – a lot of players. By using different kinds of communication channels and including a lot of other professions, we succeeded in creating a compelling and involving brand identity and an involving communication platform. 

SPISBAR’ is the overall name of this communication campaign. The name creates associations with foods as well as venues and invites active involvement. 

SPISBAR’s campaign has achieved its own identity – an identity, which is closely bound to the overall identity of the ONE/THIRD organization. 

The following elements played an essential role in the development and creation of  SPISBAR’: 

Stakeholder workshops

Communication strategy

Name and identity


Content marketing

Paid Social

Videos / portrait interviews 

Innovation contest

Conference and event installations 

Food Waste rapport 

Based on ONE/THIRD’s universe – and a focus on aesthetics, appetite, and innovation – we created a visual identity. A simple identity that functions online as well as offline, and is suitable for heavy knowledge publications, infographics, animations, and inspiring event installations. 

The Logo is based on ONE/THIRD’s visual characteristics and has ‘\’ as an essential element. This is transferred to the logo SPISBAR’. The oblique lines are used as a feature in all of the elements of the logo and are used to create recognizability. 

The selection of pictures represents the different links in the food value chain – from the unprocessed foods to the production and finally to the processed foods. The chosen pictures are simple, aesthetic, and Danish-produced. 

Denmark presents a great deal of innovative food waste solutions – both at a micro and a macro level!

By using PR, SoMe, INNOVATIONS COMPETITIONS and PORTRAIT INTERVIEWS, we found and encouraged companies and organizations across the different value links to participate in Denmark’s first food waste contest.

It only took a few weeks before the contest was fully booked! 



“We are so happy to have won. We see it as a big acknowledgment to be chosen as winners, by a jury with such a big insight and competence in the work of reducing food waste. We will dedicate the price to the further development of FoodOp, and thereby, hopefully, we will be able to make it even easier for chefs, their employees, and their guests to use our platform. The primary aim will be to reduce food waste at an even higher level. That is our ambition. That our digital solutions will be widespread internationally so that we in 2025 be available in 700 locations globally.”   

Nichlas Saul, FoodOp


Facts and numbers – eatable and easy to understand

After all, how much is 8.4 billion dollars? When it translates into wind turbines, families that can eat for free, or the number of truckloads of food thrown away, we form images that our minds and reason can better consume. Images that allow us to “feel” the volume of the number to a greater extent. Readers form a more emotional relationship with the problem, rather than just a rational relationship.

  • Setting up a report
  • Design and preparation of infographics
  • Voting and event material

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