Weber Pulse – lancering


Weber came to us with a brand new product, an old myth and a desire to reach a new audience. The urban lifestyle, cities and balconies give Weber new challenges and opportunities! Prohibition of an open fire and smoke in many housing associations kicks Weber’s beautiful classic charcoal and gas grill to the ground among the city’s bohemians and nightlife-loving gourmands. The challenge was to make the electric grill appealing to the quality-conscious urban target group that live without a garden.


We combined the trend about green cities and roof terraces with the ingrained myth that there is a special taste to a ‘real barbecue’ to create a unique barbecue party for influencers and journalists at Weber’s Grill Academy. Influencers and journalists grilled, under expert guidance, their food at Weber’s new electric grill Pulse and, by gourmet blind tasting, tested various delicacies prepared on electric, gas and charcoal grills. And the discerning audience found that electric grilled delicacies have exactly the special barbecue flavor that any gourmet man expects. A collaboration with Food TV provided visual and gourmet weight for the launch via illustrative films with simple recipes and concrete demonstration of the features of Weber Pulse. Subsequently, we established influencer collaborations with four big-city bloggers, activated the Weber Pulse grill bus at Fields in Ørestaden and Kolding and rounded off a seasonal and trend-based classic PR campaign.


The overall campaign resulted in more than 190 media reviews supporting the positioning of Weber Pulse concerning the quality-conscious urban consumer, focusing on the taste and experience with the electric grill vs. coal and gas. The exclusive barbecue night for influencers and food bloggers also provided large amounts of content and consumer activity on Weber’s social media. The overall communication efforts led to an impressive increase in sales of the Weber Pulse in the first year of the electric grill.

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