There was a time when Toms Guld Barre (Tom’s Gold Bar) was a famous and nationally sought after brand, with a strong association with sports and events. In 2012, almost no Danish teenagers knew the golden bars. Their parents had forgotten about the brand. In 2012, Toms launched a new campaign with the advertising agency De Allierede: ‘Share the victories.” Essencius was invited to develop the PR for the concept with the goal of restoring the love of Toms Guld Barre universe among children and adults.


With the certainty that parents are proud of their children, that children love recognition, and that sport is a big part of our everyday lives, we created the Guld Barre Prize – a serious award to celebrate upcoming talents and associations. Each year, the Danes chose five talented sport stars, in five different regions, that would win GOLD, glory, and 10.000 Danish kroner! To maximize the publicity and turn the award into one, that was known and loved by everyone, we activated associations, clubs, local communities, media, and not least the proud family members on social media.


For three years in a row, the Guld Barre Prize reached Danes through a massive effort. In 2014 the events culminated with:

  • 628 sports talents nominated
  • Over 31.000 votes from family members, friends and sport enthusiasts
  • 2,5 million views of the presentation videos of the nominees
  • 16 million views in total
  • 8 million impressions via Toms Facebook page
  • Massive radio and local media coverage
  • 15.000 samples and flyers, that were handed out in local sports clubs

The Guld Barre Prize was also nominated as ‘Best use of Facebook’ at the PRNews Digital Awards 2013.

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