The PANDORA Christmas Workshop


An increasing number of families in Denmark need Christmas help and an increasing number of children grow up without experiencing the joy of giving presents. The jewellery company PANDORA wanted to help with these two issues.

PANDORA wanted to take co-responsibility and create a direct link between the brand, its consumers, and children in a challenging life situation.

We were tasked with developing a concept that could:

  • Engage Danish consumers in a positive as well as challenging situation
  • Help children who grow up in families without financial opportunity to give presents
  • Give a contribution to families who need Christmas help


We developed ‘The PANDORA Christmas Workshop’, which gave:

  • 200 children the ability to give a nice Christmas present
  • The Danish Red Cross funds to their supportive Christmas care for vulnerable families
  • Attention to Christmas challenges in the Danish press, in shops, shopping centers, etc.
  • Consumers a positive cause to support

To ensure that it was the right children who were offered participation in The PANDORA Christmas Workshop, we established a collaboration with the Danish Red Cross.

We chose ARoS in Aarhus and at the National Museum in Copenhagen to host the PANDORA Christmas Workshops. The children’s companions could enjoy a nice day at the two venues and a joint activity at the cinema facilities, at both locations, that was inclusive for the children, companions, and volunteers. In order to focus on the challenges that Christmas may bring, we enlisted actor Lærke Winther as ambassador. She participated in the four workshops and was also a spearhead in a major press effort. The aim was to raise awareness of the need for Christmas help, the psychology of gift giving and to engage the Danes for the purchase of a special support jewel. We created a Christmas gift that associated the PANDORA brand with attractive experiences, also for vulnerable families and children, as well as focused on a growing societal problem.


Actress and participant Lærke Winther described the workshops as “a wonderful, warm experience”. Red Cross volunteers wrote to PANDORA and thanked them for a wonderful day and a father of two boys attending ARoS expressed his gratitude for the event in the P4-news.

The effort yielded a great result that exceeded the set KPIs:

  • Number of children: 200 from the Red Cross Family Network participated in the four workshops
  • Sales of the support jewel gave a total donation of DKK 100,000 to the Red Cross Christmas Care efforts

Media Clip Achieved: 122

  • PR value in DKK: 6,642,380
  • Earned audience via PR / SoMe: 6.445.220


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