The Anthon Berg Christmas Travel


Essencius blew the whistle to start the Anthon Berg Generosity Express that transported students home to Christmas for free, generosity really became part of the agenda. It was a massive success – both socially, digitally and offline.

The following year, the challenge was to create results that were just as good.


Instead of concentrating on a new concept, the year after we perfected The Generosity Express . The train drove longer and had more destinations. The number of students, who were able to come home for free was doubled. The currency of generosity was displayed, and the Christmas spirit was generated by, amongst others, the Danish band L.I.G.A, and TV hosts Thomas Skov and Anette Heick, who really managed to keep the level of Christmas joy super high, all the way.


We got a Christmas tradition on tracks.

The tickets were sold out in a few hours, the media showed great interest, and the level of engagement from the participants was intense. The PR effort soared to new heights and produced 169 press clippings, reaching 2,7 million readers. The generous message spread on social media reaching 475.000 users, and more than 30.000 engaged users.

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