Solar Polaris – ’Paid by the Sun’


The sourcing and service company, Solar, was ready to establish a subsidiary solar cell company called Solar Polaris. They enlisted us to secure the best possible launch, focusing on the B2C market in Denmark.

In our initial research, we discovered a remarkable discrepancy between facts and perception: solar energy has great advantages, but among the Danes there are several myths associated with solar energy. Therefore, we worked to both debunk these myths while creating awareness and preference for a new brand.


We developed the ‘Paid by the Sun’ communication platform. In order to effectively launch the campaign, we created an all new visual identity, website, sales materials and social media presence. We established an influencer collaboration, created various promotional efforts, and worked with content marketing too.

The key element in the launch campaign was a competition. Four families across the country were given the opportunity to be a test family and win a solar cell system from Solar Polaris. The competition enabled us to create a setting, in which the winning families debunked myths and showed other Danes the many benefits of solar systems. We also enlisted television host and former weather woman, Cecilie Hother, as an ambassador. She brought credibility through her expertise on weather and brought attention with her celebrity status.


Solar Polaris received a warm welcome from the Danes and the collaboration with Cecilie Hother was crucial to the success of debunking myths and branding Solar Polaris.

A total of 4,000 people participated in the competition to become a test family, and hundreds of Danish families began to follow Solar Polaris on social media and in newsletters. Solar Polaris received publicity at both national, regional, and local level through more than 50 media clips, collectively reaching an earned audience of over 3,5 million with a PR value of more than 2 million Danish kroner.

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