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Kanzi® apples have a perfectly balanced taste. They are sweet and sour at the same time, and they have a perfectly crisp texture, which makes them the perfect choice for preparing delicious meals. The apples contribute to an amazing taste, as well as they provide the dish with the energy that you need.  

We have created an influencer campaign whose primary goal is to position the brand in Danish supermarkets. The campaign is based on recipes, which contain Kanzi® apples. We have integrated the influencers directly. The aim is to show their sincere excitement towards the crispy apples, and in that way create trustworthy communication.  


We have developed, designed, and produced a series of unique cookbooks. The books are designed in a way that makes it possible for you to make your own personal Kanzi® cookbook. As a user you must compile five codes. The codes are hidden inside the Kanzi-apple trays. They make it possible for you to design and print a personal cookbook, filled with juicy and delicious recipes. 

The cookbook campaign is a creative mix of posts, contests, and recipes provided by Kanzi®’s own social media/digital canals. It is developed in collaboration with both macro and micro-influencers. The influencers have been able to attract attention to the cookbook concept by using their Instagram platforms, they have also been given the task to create their own apple recipes. You can find the recipes and create your own personal cookbook at 




“We see that retailers prefer those brands that are able to activate their customers, and in that way give them an extra experience. Therefore, The cookbook concept adds extra value to our apples. It attracts customers and boosts the store’s sale of apples.

Helen Schoots
Brandmanager at FruitMasters

We have been able to attract attention to Kanzi® apples by using 18 influencers. The active use of influencers as a part of the promotional campaign has increased the demand for Kanzi®’s sour-tasting apples significantly 

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