Just Add Zero Bungee Jump


Coca-Cola Denmark asked us to create a campaign that activated the slogan ”Just Add Zero”. Our idea should be able to drive PR and be activated on social media. Obviously, this should be done in a way that engaged the core target group, which at the time was men in their mid-teens to late 20’s.


We came up with a crazy idea. We put up a crane on the waterfront in Copenhagen Harbor and gave fans a chance to bungee jump into the ice-cold winter water. If they managed to grab a floating red ‘Zero’ on the way, they would walk away with a prize. We took normal prices, like a 2,500 DKK vacation, and then “Added a Zero” – so the winner instead walked away with a 25,000 DKK vacation!


We managed to activate the “Just Add Zero” slogan in a way that was relevant to the target group and in line with the brand platform. Fans got engaged through social media, with more than thousand people entering to jump. The campaign resulted in massive earned media attention from a variety of editorial media reporting about the event. Afterwards, our film from the activity earned additional coverage in the traditional media as well as on social media.

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