Get some air – in Iceland

This case was created with the SERMO network and is based on an international concept developed by M&C Saatchi Talk and Peel.


Tourism represents approximately 35% of Iceland’s foreign exchange earnings, and 15% of all jobs in the country are directly related to tourism. Therefore, it was crucial for Iceland to start their tourism up quickly but also safely and responsibly after the Corona-closure of the country in March, April, May and until mid-June of 2020.

A global campaign was to be set up to inspire everyone to visit Iceland. It emphasized the nature Iceland is known for and highlighted the very low risk of infection Iceland had at that point.


An analysis showed that 40% of Danes would have liked to travel abroad in 2020. But only 10% of Americans, 17% of Brits and 23% of Germans had the same thoughts. One in three was mentally affected and one in four felt stressed by the shutdowns. Frustrations were building up.

Therefore, the campaign was made to be inspiring for the frustrated, for those who wanted to travel and for the majority who were unsure or wanted to wait. But how? Aaaaargh! Homework, home training, cancelled vacations and concerts and so on. Covid19 made people want to scream – loud! And according to a phycologist, screaming is actually a great way to get frustrations out.

The campaign was named ‘Let it Out’. Here, Iceland offered its beautiful nature as an outlet for people’s frustrations. On the campaign site, everyone could record a scream of frustrations and play it over the lava fields at Festarfjall, the fjords at Djúpivogur or the roaring Skógarfoss in Iceland. And of course, you could see and hear both your own and others’ screams’ live. This way, Iceland inspired many to either virtually or in real life, experience the places where their screams were played. At the same time, Iceland received a lot of awareness about their very successful handling of Covid19 and low infection rates.

We asked the influencers, Simone Tajmer, Nadia Nadim, Silas Holst and Oh Land to scream out their Corona frustrations and tell their followers about their personal frustrations.


With our well-known Danish influencers, PR and the online engagement, the campaign was a success. It received a total potential reach of more than five million readers and viewers and a wonderful feature in the Evening Show, where the host and guests tried the redemptive forces of screaming, talked to a psychologist about screaming and Nadia Nadim about her habits of screaming out her frustrations.

EB and ChriChri found good unique angles and gave their readers a direct access to the campaign site. On SoMe, the engagement rate was good and the followers became part of the campaign. Also, both lifestyle, daily and travel media welcomed the campaign and quoted key spokespersons in 91% of all the publicity.

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