Fulbright University puts prospective students and parents first with our website redesign

Elevating Fulbright’s website experience

As Vietnam’s first liberal arts university, Fulbright has a unique educational offering for a growing number of prospective local students. To attract this digital first-generation and their parents, Fulbright had to radically redefine its website user experience, presenting clear, compelling and seamless steps towards enrollment – all in time before the next semester.

Roadmapping for future engagement

We began by collaboratively mapping the student journey, from the classroom to application submission. By introducing a new site structure with simplified page layouts, we delivered large amounts of complex information in clear, concise and visually elegant ways. 

With our streamlined user experience planned out, we crafted persuasive, personalized titling and body copy for greater understanding of Fulbright’s key message: a world-class University for Vietnam’s future. This refined writing style, along with cleaner layouts and updated community-focused photography, all help create a comfortable user journey that quickly drives to enrollment.

We also fine-tuned the website for the first time on mobile devices, enabling the University to connect with Vietnam’s young, tech-savvy cohort. Now, prospective students and parents alike can easily understand the University’s offerings and begin applying on any platform. 

With our project delivered ahead of deadline, Fulbright can now fully focus on helping students take those important first steps that will shape their future 
careers and lives.

Key Results

Complete website

redesign and tailored build for an enhanced UX

Redefined style

for photography and copy, centering student life 

Simplified page layouts

with a visually engaging design to clarify complex information

Streamlined UX

to ease the application process and drive student enrollment

View our work with Fulbright University

Design system

Website design

Mobile optimization

Customer journey refinement

Photography guide

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