EuroEyes boosts conversion rates with our centralized, data-driven strategies

EuroEyes' problem: Managing multiple agencies

EuroEyes, a global leader in eye and lens surgeries, faced a common problem for brands outsourcing marketing production: inconsistent output from multiple vendors. By relying on different suppliers across multiple projects, EuroEyes found clear communication and oversight of projects to be nearly impossible, resulting in branding inconsistencies and weak lead generation.

Our solution: A dedicated, comprehensive marketing partner

By collaborating with The Color Club, EuroEyes centralised its marketing production with a dedicated team whose output was tracked, analysed and automatically uploaded into an interactive report and dashboard. EuroEyes now had access to clear, transparent results on all its marketing production needs. This helped EuroEyes iron out issues in branding—improving brand consistency throughout its multiple media channels.

With newly revived branding, customer interaction vastly improved across EuroEyes’ marketing channels, and our focus could now turn to effectively targeting lead generation. As part of this process, we introduced advanced Customer Relationship Management technology to develop high-quality leads and improve customer acquisition. This increased the amount of valuable lead data available, which we’d then analyse to help EuroEyes make more impactful marketing decisions, resulting in greater clicks and greater sales.

Partnering with The Color Club, EuroEyes discovered an outsourcing partner that had all their marketing needs covered with first-class results, and could now say goodbye to the frustrations of ineffective multiple suppliers.

Key Results


in key conversions for all campaigns


in key conversions for branded campaigns


in click through rate


in cost per lead


in Dynamic Search Ads
bounce rate


in cost per click

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