EasyPark is the market leader in parking payment apps in Europe. Each month, the business grows with new users and more payments going through the app. Yet many Danes still do not know the benefits of parking apps so we needed to boost the brand awareness with new competitors are constantly emerging. To remain the most preferred parking app among the Danes, EasyPark wants a solution that allows EasyPark to use media opportunities to generate positive publicity while handling potentially negative press stories promptly.
We developed a strategy that ensures constant earned media coverage with EasyPark’s core messages on greater flexibility in everyday life as well as more time and less frustration for motorists, citizens and municipalities. At the same time, the strategy secures activation, which creates additional publicity, involvement and buzz, for example during campaign periods. Due to EasyPark’s need for an ‘always-on’ solution, we entered into a retainer agreement whereby our dedicated consultants continuously monitor the market and look for communication opportunities. We were also prepared for crisis management if the negative stories arise in the press. With a subject like parking, it’s hard to avoid the unfortunate stories. That’s why we also provideed media training for EasyPark’s spokespersons.
We ensured that EasyPark is the leading parking app through earned media, we have also ensured continuous growth in both the number of downloads and the number of payments through the app. In our first year with EasyPark, our good stories reached an earned audience of +4 million, a PR value of DKK +3.6 million, and EasyPark’s core messages were in 92% of media mentions. We also handled and averted all negative stories in the press. EasyPark remains the preferred parking app for Danes today, and the company is still growing every month.

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