Driscoll’s Sweet Tribute


In March and April 2020 the Covid19-pandemic really impacted the every day life of all Danes. The freedom to gather and to see people was very limited, shopping malls where closed and so forth. Exactly at that time global berry brand Driscoll’s launched a new and more sustainable packaging with 94% less plastic. Something they of course wanted media and influencers to notice.

However it was a very special period in time and we and Driscoll´s had to pay close attention to this new change of everyday life and all the issues that followed from the pandemic. Our task was to position global brand Driscoll’s and show local engagement while paying attention to the pandemic.


For this particular situation and time we chose to focus more on the situation of consumers than on the new packaging.

A common denominator for people in this period was cancellations. Cancellations galore. Of baptisms, confirmations, birthdays and weddings. Clearly a source of sorrow and irritation for many Danes who looked forward to good times with friends and family.

To help off set a little of that we established a cooperation with three influencers from three different parts of Denmark. Jon Daniel Edlund, Grødgrisen and Frederikke Wæhrens. Driscoll´s and the influencers asked Danes to tell why they needed as Sweet tribute, a little light in dark. Or tell who they wanted to joy or comfort with a berrylicious surprice. Amongst all who told their story six would have a berry treat in form of a cake or a brunch created by the clever influencers.


Hundreds of Danes reacted and engaged and told each their personal story about how Covid19 had stopped celebrations and good times with friends and family. Many wanted to send a sweet tribute to couples who has to postpone their wedding, others wanted to comfort teenagers who had their confirmation celebrations moved months ahead and yet others wanted to put a little sweet patch onto the disappointment of a cancelled reunion.

It turned out as a lovely, heart-warm and very local activation of a global brand. And yes – the sustainable packaging was shown too.

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