Davidsen drives sales of garden products with a new brand identity: Udeliv

Davidsen’s outdoor department needed a boost

Davidsen, the leading Danish home improvement company, came to us needing a more recognisable brand for its outdoor offerings. Our brief was to create an outstanding sub-brand visible across the Danish market, which would drive sales and establish greater retail customer connections.

Our solution: A new sub-brand - Udeliv

As The Color Club was Davidsen’s marketing production partner, we used our understanding of the company to create the stylised sub-brand: Udeliv. We designed Udeliv’s name in an italic-style font with a complimentary logo and color scheme, creating a unique logo that drew customer attention and sparked a feeling of the outdoors.

We also created a style guideline for Udeliv. With this, Davidsen could produce images for Udeliv’s outdoor campaigns and run them alongside Davidsen’s own branding, creating a harmonious relationship between the two brands.

When it came time to launch Udeliv, we’d established the branding as uplifting, with a family mood that showed the best of the outdoor life. Davidsen could now target outdoor customers in a personal, friendly, and definitive way, persuading Danes across the country to renovate and enjoy the outdoors.

Key Results


Layout designs
for catalogue pages


created since 2022


Udeliv brand guideline that aligns with Davidsen’s branding


Digital banners
produced by our
graphic design team


Name & logo
design for Udeliv


processed using our
digital imaging service

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Motion graphics



HTML5 banners

Color grading

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