Open To Better


2020 left deep marks in all of us – for better or worse. The purpose of the Open To Better campaign was to share personal experiences from the corona lockdown, learn from each other, and inspire positive change – to be #OpenToBetter. It was the first campaign from Coca-Cola in eight months and our recommendation was to kick it off on the first day of 2021! #OpenToBetter.

New cans, with positive quotes on the packaging, had been produced, and Coca-Cola wanted to do this using a large-scale influencer and PR campaigns in Denmark. We were ready!


Personal stories from 45 influencers, a nationwide analysis that revealed the Danes’ most popular corona-resolutions, and a campaign site where you could find insights and inspiration from an expert to help you envision your goals and dreams. These where the three focal points of the campaign – apart of course from the new cans with quotes from Danes. The first ever.

The Danes’ most popular corona-resolutions on the Coca-Cola cans
We prepared a PR strategy, focusing on creating publicity in both national, regional, local, lifestyle media and trade media.

To create a strong PR hook, we conducted a YouGov analysis revealing what the Danes wanted to change in their lives and what key learnings to carry forwards after a year challenged by corona.

The most popular “corona-resolutions” from the analysis were featured on the cans to inspire Danes to do remember the positive learnings and be #Open To Better. By using regional data, we were able to see which corona-resolutions were most popular in the individual regions, and in this way, we could target our PR efforts regionally and locally.

The influencers’ personal corona-stories
We carefully selected 45 micro and macro-influencers who shared their personal stories and experiences from the time of the corona lockdown. , They did that on the first day of the year. We tapped right into a day when most people look back at the year that has passed and set a new direction for the new year. The influencers wrote their personal corona-resolutions directly ion the blanck box on the can, engaging their followers to share their own experiences and “corona-resolutions”, using the campaign hashtag.

Expert help and vision boards on the campaign site
On the campaignsite you could find insights and inspiration from a psychologist to help you set and achieve your goals and dreams in 2021. Influencers shared their personal tips and stories and, created vision boards for 2021.


We created a campaign with great engagement among influencers and managed to create a large reach geographically and demographically.

On the influencer part, we secured a total accumulated gross reach of+7 million. 86 % of all influencers’ post had a higher reach than their usual average and 6,77 in engagement rate.

In the Danish media, we had 49 mentions, and we secured an ROI factor of +7. 100% of the reviews mentioned the analysis and 86 % of the mentions carried product images.

We provided broad media coverage in national newspapers, trade media and lifestyle media. But also, in regional and local media, where we could reveal that the region’s most popular “corona-resolution” was on Coca-Cola cans and bottles, quoting local influencers who were a part of the campaign.

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