Coca-Cola Life


Coca-Cola Denmark was about to introduce Coca-Cola Life to the Danes. It was the biggest product launch since 2007. Since Denmark was one of the last countries in Western Europe to launch the new taste, many Danes already knew about the product. Hence, the product launch was expected news and we had to be extraordinarily innovative in order to create interest and consumer engagement.


The basic idea came from Coca-Cola’s iconic red color universe. The new Coca-Cola Life really looks different from the red-labelled Coca-Cola products – unless you are red-green color-blind. Then you cannot tell the difference. This fact inspired us to target the campaign towards color-blind people, so they were the first to know that we were launching Coca-Cola Life. We developed an integrated PR and marketing campaign based on the concept: Engaging many by talking to the few.


We created the first ever campaign directly targeted towards color-blind people. With the campaign we succeeded in engaging not only color-blind people, but an impressive number of Danes who were not able to read the message themselves. In Denmark, we reached an earned audience of more than 12 million (population is 5.6 million). The campaign also received attention on a global scale from countries as far away as Australia, Vietnam, and the US. Globally, we reached an earned audience of astonishing 100 million.

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