The polar bear has been one of Coca-Cola’s most treasured icons since 1922. But the home of the polar bear, the Arctic, has been gradually melting due to global warming. Therefore, Coca Cola and the WWF launched a Pan-European campaign ‘Arctic Home’, in order to help the endangered white giants.


We sculpted a two-ton ice block into a polar bear family and placed it in front of the Tycho Brahe Planetarium in Copenhagen. Through a Facebook application, we gave the Danes 60 hours to save the polar bears. If they engaged in the app with a like or share, the temperature would remain low. If they did nothing, the temperature around the polar bear family would increase every six hours by one degree Celsius. The Danes could follow the drama evolving via a live-stream and social media to see if people were actively choosing to save the polar bears.


During the 60-hour period, the experiment generated 35.000 interactions, and the story spread rapidly on social media. The polar bears were followed closely by many of the large Danish media, and they were broadcasted to millions of viewers across the world through the international news channel TRT. The campaign was nominated for a DIA (Danish Internet Award) in the category ‘Social Media Activity’, and later won a coveted Mashie Award. Essencius was the lead agency and handled idea and execution. Media was planned and bought through IUM. Wunderman was the digital agency.

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