Anthon Berg Spin the Bottle


Anthon Berg is famous for their Chocolate Liqueur Bottles which are mostly sold in airports around the world. In 2015 they introduced four new  types, which combined popular coffee and liqueur specific for each country:

– French Coffee – Orange Liqueur
– Irish Coffee – Whisky
– Cuban Coffee – Rum
– Mexican Coffee – Tequila

Anthon Berg already had a number of activations planned for selected airports around Europe. However they wished to push the awareness of the new Chocolate Coffee Liqueurs to the global community and to extend the airport activities digitally to their social media community.


To ensure a connection between offline activities and the online activation, we decided to tap into the Spin the bottle airport activation and create a digital version of the game. We drove the offline participants to a Facebook connected campaign site. Codes received while participating in the physical airport activation were put to use in an online game.

To push the campaign further, stickers were placed on packages of the new chocolate bottles worldwide. We also activated the existing Facebook community by creating a visual campaign that linked to the site and drove traffic, participation, and engagement. We utilized a Facebook pixel on the campaign site to retarget ads to users and encourage further game play. Hidden codes could be found and used for bonus entries and boost the player’s chance to win.


The results:

– 250.000 post likes with some of the images exceeding 27K likes, comments, and shares
– 1,6 million post engagements
– More than 6.000 new community members liked the page during key campaign bursts over the 11 months the campaign ran
– There were more than 225.000 spins that took place in the game and over 50.000 participants
– Messages about the new Chocolate Coffee Liqueur Bottles reached 4.25 million people
– Overall there were 10.5 million online impressions

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