Styling a unique brand

Located between two historical streets in the city of Esbjerg you can find a brand-new building at Kronprinsensgade 8. A classic red brick facade provides the building with a classic, yet modern and minimalistic look. Here, you get to live in a beautiful architect designed brick building, made of high-quality materials. The penthouse is located in the city’s heart, but it still lies right next to the ocean and harbor.

Essencius was given the task of styling the penthouse at Kronprinsensgade 8. A styling, which was based on the collab between AEG and HTH kitchens on high-quality interior. We presented the brand-new AEG Matt Black-series and created a classic and elegant product video with the brand in focus.

We delivered a total case description, which contained several packshots and cover photos for the annual international case-catalogue from Electrolux.

In the catalogue, Electrolux presents their different brands and products in time typical environments, and in that way includes clear references to the countries in which the cases represent 

Inspirered by Esbjerg

Esbjerg was founded in 1868 and is the fifth largest city in Denmark. The city is characterized by its classic red brick buildings, its monochrome industry harbor and the blue wild North Sea. Combined with AEG’s black and matte surface, and the light wood panels in HTH’s Nordic Creation series, we here found our inspiration for the footages.

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