Movember is one of the world’s largest charities. When November comes, it is once again time to grow a mustache to bring attention to men’s health and raise fund for research. As the lead agency for Sweden, our mission was to create the right kind of publicity. We needed to tell Movember’s story, get supporters to register, as well as increase the amount of charitable donations. Because Movember is an annually occurring event, we also faced the challenge of creating renewed interest for the organization in the media.


Creating a broad campaign with customized communication, media collaborations, and Movember ambassadors from the fields of sports, IT, gaming and cuisine, we were confident about reaching out to men.

We enlisted Swedish NHL players, Michelin chefs, Premier League football players, singers, podcasters, and fashionistas to contribute with their face to the campaign. They shared content on their social media profiles and thereby encouraged and inspired thousands of their followers to participate in the campaign. Movember went viral.


The results for Movember in Sweden more than doubled the year after. More than 12,600 participants and 4,6 million Swedish kroner were raised. The celebrity ambassadors were everywhere in the media. They were shaved on morning TV, spoke on nationwide radio, and were quoted everywhere in the press. 350 articles were written about Movember the first year and the year later, the number exploded to 650.

The Swedish Movember campaign won the Movember Foundation’s ‘Campaign of the Year’ honors ahead of 20 other nationwide campaigns.

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